What dreams are considered good to see on New Year’s Day in Japan?


Written by aki


In Japan, there is a custom of divining one’s fortune for the year by the first dream one has at the beginning of the year.


It’s a custom called “Hatsuyume” (a dream on the night of January 1st), and in English it’s called “first dream of the New Year”.

So what kind of dream content is considered auspicious?


One of the most auspicious words for the first dream is “1. Fuji, 2. Hawk, 3. Eggplant“.


1. Fuji(富士山)



2. Hawk(鷹)



3. Eggplant(茄子)



There are some theories as to why these three are so important.


(1) Because it was something that Ieyasu Tokugawa liked.

*Ieyasu Tokugawa is the first shogun of the Edo shogunate. He is a very famous person in Japan.


(2) Fuji is Japan’s highest mountain. The hawk is a wise and strong bird, and the eggplant is the Japanese word for ” NASU”.

“NASU” means to accomplishment.



Have any of you had these dreams?

I still have yet to see one! LOL!



Japanese New Year’s is very interesting because there are so many different cultures.

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I hope you all have a good dream.



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