Do you know the Japanese word “Kodawari”?


Written by aki


The Japanese word “Kodawari,” which is also the title of the site, translates to “persistence” in English.


Originally, the word “kodawari” was used in a negative sense in old Japan, as in, “Things that don’t need to be bothered with are bothering me” or “I feel trapped.



For example, “obsess over small mistakes.


However, in other words, it can also mean that you are concentrating on one thing or that you are very fond of and attached to that thing.


The positive connotations of the word have gradually come to be more closely focused on, and in recent years in Japan, the word is used with the image of “meaningful to the person regardless of how others evaluate it” or “having a deep attachment to the thing.



The word “Kodawari” has been turned into a positive meaning of uncompromising.

It seemed like a very appropriate word to use when running a website that conveys the good things and technologies of Japan.



This is because Japanese craftsmen do not like to compromise.



The heart of Omotenashi, behind Kodawari.

One of the most famous words in Japan is “Omotenashi“. Do you know it?



Omotenashi” is said to have originated from the tea ceremony in the Heian and Muromachi periods. Another origin of the word “Omotenashi” is to welcome guests with a “heart” that has no inside or outside.


Omotenashi is the highest level of thoughtfulness, always thinking about how to make the customer happy and satisfied.


I think this is the starting point of products made in Japan, where craftsmen create products with a spirit of hospitality and care.

The word “Kodawari” in Kodawari Times reflects the spirit of craftsmen who are uncompromising in their work.


I hope that people around the world will learn about the wonderful products, food, scenery, and customs that Japanese people are particular about.



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