How to take good photos | Japanese castles and cherry blossoms


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How to take good photos(Japanese castles and cherry blossoms)

The “castle and cherry blossoms” scenery is a popular sightseeing destination in Japan.

Here are some recommended shooting angles and ways to enjoy shooting, to give you something to refer to when you come to Japan!


1. Surround the castle with cherry blossom frames!

It would be so cute to take a picture with the castle in the center and cherry blossoms surrounding it on all sides!

Osaka Castle

This is Osaka Castle!
Osaka Castle is easily accessible from the station and is a popular tourist destination for foreigners.

[Osaka Castle] Google MAP


Photography angles with the castle facing either left or right are recommended.

Matsue Castle

This picture is of Matsue Castle in Shimane!

[Matsue Castle] Google MAP


2.Cool shooting angle from below!

When photographed from below looking up, the image looks very dignified.

You can see the tightly constructed stone walls and delicate roof patterns!
It is recommended to shoot vertically.

tsuruga castle

[Tsuruga Castle] Google MAP



3. Each castle in Japan is a different color!

Japanese castles have different colors of roofs and walls depending on their location.

Be sure to find your favorite combination of castle and cherry blossoms!

Himeji Castle

This is Himeji Castle, famous for its beautiful white walls.

The pink of the cherry blossoms and the white walls are a wonderful collaboration! It looks elegant.

[Himeji Castle] Google MAP


4.Illuminated at night is fantastic.

Many castles hold light-up events during the cherry blossom period.

Takada Castle Site Park

Takada Castle Site Park is said to be one of the three best nighttime cherry blossom viewing spots in Japan.
The photo shows about 3,000 lights, creating a fantastic atmosphere.

[Takada Castle Site Park] Google MAP


Hirosaki Castle

The waterfront around the castle makes for even more fantastic pics!
When the cherry blossoms are illuminated, they appear on the surface of the water like a mirror.

[Hirosaki Castle] Google MAP


5.Daring to photograph the falling cherry blossoms is also recommended.

Japanese castles have moats around them to keep enemies out.

The many petals of cherry blossoms floating on the surface of the moat are very fantastic.
Some visitors dare to choose the time of year when the cherry blossoms are falling to go sightseeing.

Hirosaki Castle

Cherry blossom petals flow slowly with the flow of water.

Hirosaki Castle

Hirosaki Castle

[Hirosaki Castle] Google MAP


How did you like the collaboration photos of various castles and cherry blossoms?

When you come to Japan, be sure to take your very own best shot!

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