How do you say hello in Japanese? Japanese greetings you need to know!


Written by aki

Japanese Greetings

Hello! My name is AKI and I live in Japan.

When traveling, it is useful to know a little bit of the language of the country you are going to.



Good morning is “OHAYOU” or “OHAYOU GOZAIMASU”

In Japan, the language of greetings changes from morning to afternoon and evening.
The morning greeting is “OHAYOU” or “OHAYOU GOZAIMASU“.

The morning greeting is "OHAYOU" in Japanese.

OHAYOU” is said in a slightly more frank manner with friends and family.


When “GOZAIMASU” is added, it is used in a more polite way, such as when a clerk in a hotel or store says it, or when you arrive at work.



hello is “KONNICHIWA”.

A good greeting during the day is “Konnichiwa“.

However, you can actually use it all day long without any problem.


Even your superiors can say “Konnichiwa“.

It’s one of the most user-friendly greetings you’ll ever hear, so go ahead and use it!



Good evening is “KONBANWA”.

The evening greeting is “konbanwa“.
As with the daytime greeting, you can also use this greeting with your superiors.

The evening greeting is "KONBANWA"

From a Japanese point of view, “KONBANWA” is usually used after 18:00 at night.



Good night is “OYASUMI” or “OYASUMINASAI”

Use “OYASUMI” or “OYASUMINASAI” as a greeting before going to bed.

When used to address superiors, “OYASUMINASAI” is commonly used.

Say "OYASUMI" before going to bed.


The most commonly used thank you is “ARIGATOU” or “ARIGATOU GOZAIMASU” in Japanese.

The word “Thank you.” is often used when traveling.

In Japanese, we say “ARIGATOU” or “ARIGATOU GOZAIMASU“.


As shown in the previous example of “Ohayo gozaimasu,” the presence of “arimasu” gives a polite impression.


Japanese people love the word “ARIGATOU”.
We use it so often in our daily lives!

It is probably the most used Japanese word in Japan.


For example, when you store at a store or pay your bill at a restaurant, you will hear the clerk say.


If nothing else, a thank you would be nice to hear!

I hope you get to use them when you travel!



Good-bye is “Sayonara.”

Lastly, say goodbye.

Sayonara” is the most common way to say good-bye, regardless of whether you’re talking to a superior or a friend.


However, if you are a close friend, you may use “bye-bye” rather than “Sayonara“.


Osaka (Kansai region) has its own unique greeting!

In fact, in Japan, each region has its own unique greeting called dialect.

If you ever travel to the Kansai region of Japan, such as Osaka or Kyoto, be sure to try using their dialect!


And now, everyone, “Sayonara“!




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