Do you know the Three Great Gardens of Japan?


Written by aki

Kenrokuen Garden

There are many Japanese-style gardens throughout the country, but there are three of the most beautiful places in the country.

It is not known when they were recognized, but these three gardens were already mentioned in a document published in 1899.


In this post I’ll show you the highlights of our three Japanese-style gardens!

1. Kairakuen Garden (Ibaraki)

Kairakuen Garden


The highlight of Kairakuen is its plum blossoms. In early spring, as many as 3,000 plum trees of 100 varieties bloom simultaneously, attracting tourists.


Kairakuen Garden was opened in 1842.

The main gate of Kairakuen has undergone several repairs since its establishment, but it still remains in the same form as it has since the opening of the park.

The lake can be seen in the distance, and the beauty of the place is such that it seems as if nature and the garden are one.

The bamboo grove with more than 1,000 bamboo trees is a very comfortable place.
The sound of the leaves swaying in the wind and the sunlight streaming through the bamboo trees is very relaxing.

I heard that you can enjoy the autumn leaves during the fall season. I have never been there in the fall, so I would like to visit there someday.


2. Kenrokuen Garden (Ishikawa)

Kenrokuen Garden

There are many things to see and do in Kenrokuen Garden.

First of all, “Tourou(Japanese Lanterns)”. They are cute with legs that look like people.

Kenrokuen Garden


Next is the sight of “yukizuri,” or snow hanging, which is visible only during the winter season.


Kanazawa City in Ishikawa Prefecture, where Kenrokuen Garden is located, gets a lot of snow in winter.
To prevent branches from breaking under the weight of wet snow, a process called “snow hanging” is used.

After all, the largest pond in the park is very beautiful.

Around the pond, carefully pruned trees provide a delightful seasonal change.
No matter where you photograph it from or what time of year you come, it is very beautiful.


The illumination is also very beautiful.

Kenrokuen Garden began in 1676. The feudal lord of the time built a villa here, and the surrounding area was used as a garden.

The villa was later destroyed in a great fire, but the garden was reconstructed in 1774, and in 1860 it took on a form similar to that of the present garden.


Closed to the public for a long time, the park was finally opened to the public in 1871.
I think it is very amazing that it has kept its beautiful shape for more than 100 years.

3. Korakuen garden(Okayama)

Korakuen Garden is a garden created “so that visitors can go around the pond”.

Please do not only look at the garden, but also the distant Okayama Castle and mountains as scenery.
This garden uses a technique called “borrowed scenery,” in which the surrounding landscape is also used as a backdrop.

The walking paths are well maintained, and you can enjoy the scenery while walking slowly.

Korakuen Garden is very beautiful during the season of autumn leaves.
I heard that they even light up the leaves.

Although Korakuen was not opened to the public until 1884, several buildings escaped the war and retain their old-fashioned appearance.

Sometimes you can walk, sometimes you can stop and look for your favorite view.
Wherever you look, there is a very beautiful view waiting for you.

If you go to one of our Japanese-style gardens, be sure to take some pics!

Which view you like is up to your sensitivity.
There are many ways to appreciate the beauty of a Japanese-style garden.
Please take a picture of the view you like and see what you like.



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