Introduction to the different types of nigiri sushi in Japan


Written by aki


In the first part of this article, we introduced the different types of sushi.


In this article, I would like to introduce some of the standard Japanese ingredients used in sushi.


Maguro (tuna)


The flesh of tuna, which swims energetically in a large body, is red, and its taste and texture vary depending on the part.

The part called “toro” is rich in fat and melts in your mouth when you eat it.


The “lean” part is very refreshing, and those who like it may eat several plates.



It’s the most popular ingredient among my foreign friends!

Salmon sushi

Even if you don’t like raw fish (sashimi), you may find that salmon is the only fish you can eat.

Also, some restaurants have grilled salmon (called “Aburi salmon” in Japanese) as a garnish!





Squid with pure white flesh. Squid that has not been baked is used as a sushi ingredient.

The flesh is chewy and the texture is delightful!



Tai (species of reddish-brown Pacific sea bream, Pagrus major)

Tai is known as the “king of fish” in Japan!

It has light meat, and many Japanese people like it.




shrimp sushi


There are so many types of shrimp used in sushi.

A typical one is boiled shrimp. It is also popular among those who do not like raw fish.


There are also raw prawns, like sweet shrimp.





Since boiled octopus is basically used, this menu is recommended for those who do not like raw fish.

The texture is a little hard, so it may not be suitable for children.


Unagi(esp. the Japanese eel, Anguilla japonica)


Japanese people love unagi. With its slightly sweet sauce, it is a popular menu item for both children and adults.




This sushi is made with a sweetened baked egg.

A menu item found in every sushi restaurant.


Different sushi chefs season their Tamago in different ways.
There is a theory that you can tell the level of a restaurant by the taste of its Tamago.



Actually, sushi isn’t the only thing you can eat at a sushi bar!


In fact, the sushi bar has a very wide variety of side dishes.

Especially if you go to a kaiten sushi restaurant, you will be amazed at the wide variety of dishes on the menu.


In my next column, I’ll introduce you to some of the classic or unexpected side dishes you can get at sushi bars!







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