6 souvenirs & sweets bought in Noto


Written by aki

I went to Noto in May and bought many souvenirs!
Today I would like to share with you some of the souvenirs I bought.


A traditional craft with a history of 360 years.


The colors are colorful and very cute!
This is a soy sauce jug.

Rather than being a souvenir from the Noto region, this pottery thrives in the Kaga region of Ishikawa Prefecture.

They are painted in five vibrant colors: “red, yellow, green, purple, and navy blue.”


2.vitamin chikuwa

Now, the food souvenirs continue from here.

vitamin chikuwa

This is a food called vitamin chikuwa.

It can be eaten as is or added to a pot.


Chikuwa is a tube-shaped fish-paste cake.

It is sold in supermarkets throughout Japan, but this “vitamin chikuwa” is sold only in the area known as Hokuriku.
(Hokuriku means Fukui and Toyama prefectures, and Ishikawa prefecture, where the Noto region is located.)

This vitamin chikuwa looks like a local food that has been sold for 60 years.Rich in vitamins A and E!


3.Egara Manju(えがらまんじゅう)

Here are some sweets-related souvenirs.

The Noto region sells a variety of delicious Japanese sweets among sweets.I love it and always buy it to take home.

egara manju

First up is Egara Manju.


It’s filled with anko(red bean paste).


The name Egara is derived from the igar of the chestnut.

The Japanese word for chestnut “iga” is “いが(iga),” which apparently became “egara”.
There are grains of rice on the manju, but I guess these resemble chestnut igers.

The freshly made Egara Manju from the Japanese sweets shop was delicious.



Introducing another Manju.



That is this, “Nagamashi.

This one also has anko (red bean paste) inside.

It is similar to the Manju I mentioned earlier, but this is a special Wagashi that will be served during the “Seihaku Festival(青柏祭)”.


The Seihaku Festival is famous for the floats called “Dekayama” that are pulled through the streets.

I saw a replica of this Dekayama at the festival museum and it was huge.

Seihaku festival Dekayam


5.Noto pie pie pumpkin

Finally, one more sweet. This is a little day-old sweet.

Noto pie pie pumpkin

Noto pie pie pumpkin

A gently sweet pumpkin pie.

The pumpkin is from Noto.

It is made by a small Japanese sweets shop in a place called Nanao City in the Noto region.
(I believe the name of the restaurant was An-an!)

The moist pie crust is filled with gently sweet pumpkin bean paste and is delicious!


6.Raspberry Monaka

This is another Japanese confectionery bought from a Japanese sweets shop in Nanao City. I think the name of the store is Sugimori.

Framboise Monaka

Framboise Monaka

Framboise Monaka

Raspberry Monaka.

Monaka is a type of Japanese wagashi.
A sweet made by spreading glutinous rice flour into a thin layer and baking it, with red bean paste sandwiched between the layers.

Usually there is anko sandwiched in between, but here it was raspberry. The sour bean paste was refreshing and delicious!


I kind of bought only Japanese sweets (lol).
I often go to Noto, so if I buy different souvenirs again, I will introduce them to you.



Hello! I live in a place called Shiga, Japan. I'm not very good at English, but I'm writing this blog in the hope that I can convey some of Japan's beautiful places and delicious food to people overseas.