3 Ajisai-dera(Hydrangea Temples)in Japan


Written by aki

The flowers that can be seen in June in Japan are Ajisai(hydrangeas)!

Japanese hydrangea

It is a round, lovely flower.


What is hydrangea?(Japanese name:Ajisai)

Ajisai(Hydrangeas) are native to Japan, China, Taiwan, and North America.

This flower does not mind getting wet in the rain and blooms from June to July, when precipitation is heaviest in Japan.

These pretty flowers come in a variety of light shades, including pink, blue, and purple!

Japanese name:Ajisai


Incidentally, it is written “あじさい(Ajisai)” in Japanese.

Written in Kanji, it is “紫陽花”.

Written in Kanji, it is "紫陽花".


Ajisai are found in various places, but in Japan they are often seen blooming at temples.

They call temples where hydrangeas bloom “Ajisai-dera(temple)!”


Here are some of the most famous Ajisai-dera in Japan!


1.Meigetsuin Temple(Kamakura,Kanagawa)

Meigetsuin Temple

At Meigetsuin Temple(明月院), approximately 2,500 Ajisai bloom in season.


There are many blue Ajisai and they look very mysterious.

It is also called “Meigetsuin blue” for its beautiful color.


2.Mimurotoji Temple(Uji,Kyoto)


Mimurotoji(三室戸寺) is an Ajisai-dera located in Kyoto, a popular tourist destination.

20,000 Ajisai bloom during the season!


Mimurotoji is famous for its Ajisai, which come in about 50 varieties.

Different varieties come in different colors and shapes, so it’s fun to compare them!



It’s cute in many different colors.


3.Unshoji Temple(Akita)



Unshoji(雲昌寺) is the most famous Ajisai-dera in the Tohoku area.

Here, the head priest spent 15 years growing Ajisai.


The beautiful blue scenery is overwhelmingly powerful.

The view is truly spectacular.


Looks like a blue carpet!



There was also a cute Jizo.

It is a popular spot among locals, and many visit every year to see this “blue world.


If you come to Japan in June, be sure to see the Ajisai!

June is the rainy season in Japan, but Ajisai look beautiful even on rainy days.


Ajisai are very interesting flowers when you look at them carefully.


Please take the time to observe the petals after they have fallen.


If you happen to be in Japan during this season, you should definitely come see the Ajisai!



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