Vending Machine for Yatsuhashi(Japanese Sweets) in Kyoto


Written by aki

Vending Machine for Yatsuhashi

I found an unusual vending machine at a Shinkansen(Japanese Bullet Train) station in Kyoto, Japan!

Vending Machine for Yatsuhashi

Vending Machine for Yatsuhashi


This vending machine sells a Japanese confectionery called “Otabe”.


What is Otabe?

Otabe is the brand name for a Japanese confectionery called Yatsuhashi.

Yatsuhashi is a famous Kyoto confectionery made of mochi-like dough filled with red bean paste.
There are 3 main types of yatsuhashi.

The first is baked with a base mix of glutinous rice flour, sugar, and cinnamon.


Second, the dough is steamed and cut.

The third is a dough filled with anko(red bean paste).



The vending machine sold the third type of yatsuhashi, baumkuchen, and chocolate.



Let’s get a yatsuhashi from the vending machine right away!

I immediately purchased Otabe as a sweet to eat on the Shinkansen.

I had a hard time deciding which flavor to buy and decided to buy the matcha flavor!

The price is 250 yen for a pack of 5.


Vending Machine for Yatsuhashi

I wonder if vending machine wagashi tastes good…? I was a little worried, but each one is individually wrapped, so sanitation is assured.

Vending Machine for Yatsuhashi

Matcha-flavored rice cake wrapped in matcha bean paste and topped with kinako (soybean flour).

Sweet, with a little tea bitterness, so yummy!!!

It was the perfect sweet to eat between Shinkansen.


If you’re a Shinkansen passenger in Japan, you’ve got to try it!

Kyoto is a tourist destination with a Shinkansen station and easy access to other areas.
There are also souvenir shops inside the stations, and we encourage you to bring in and try the food you are interested in!

*However, food with a strong smell can be a nuisance to other customers. Be careful



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