Japanese Fruit Liqueurs, “Ringo sake”


Written by aki

Japanese Fruit Liqueurs

Sake is the most famous alcoholic beverage in Japan, but there are also many fruit liqueurs.

It’s full of Japanese fruit, and it’s so good!


MOMOTARO, a store that sells Japanese liqueurs and fruit wines, told me about a delicious apple liqueur, so I tried it right away.


Umenoyado Aragoshi Ringo sake (Freshly-picked Apples)

Umenoyado Aragoshi Ringo sake

This Fruit Liqueurs is made with a lot of Japanese apples.



It is a blend of grated and diced apples, which gives it a crunchy texture.


About 4-7 apples are used in a 720 ml bottle.

About 4-7 apples are used in a 720 ml bottle.


I tilted a bottle of Fruit Liqueurs.

You can see there's a lot of apple pulp in there!

You can see there’s a lot of apple pulp in there!



Sake, not white liqueur, is used as the base.

he umami of the rice and the smooth texture of the sake are well blended with the fruit.

The natural sweetness and freshness of apples can be felt.


The alcohol content is rather moderate at 7%.

Not too alcoholic on the palate, very easy to drink!


What is the recommended way to drink?

The best way to do it is on the rocks!


As the ice melts and dilutes it a bit, the alcohol diminishes and the drink becomes mellower.

It’s as if I’m drinking high quality apple juice.

You can enjoy the aroma and texture of juicy apples.


The pulp tends to accumulate at the bottom of the glass, so stir it with a muddler or spoon and eat the pulp along with it.

The texture of the two kinds of apples might make you feel like you are “eating” them rather than drinking them (lol).


It was a drink that I would rather drink as a dessert than with food or snacks.

This is a very luxurious fruit wine where you can enjoy the feeling of apples right down to the last drop!


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