“Yaezakura” that can be seen in late April.


Written by aki


Do you know about the “Yaezakura” cherry tree?

In this blog, I have introduced several sightseeing spots for cherry blossoms.

The Yaezakura introduced in this article is a different kind of cherry blossom from the one introduced in the above article.


What is Yaezakura?

Yaezakura(八重桜), which means multi-layered cherry blossom.

It has more than five petals and is a very spectacular cherry blossom.


Also known as “late-blooming cherry blossoms,” they are usually in full bloom from late April to early May.


Let’s compare it with “Someiyoshino,” a variety of cherry tree commonly seen in Japan.

Comparing Someiyoshino and Yaezakura cherry trees

The “Yaezakura” below has more petals.
Cherry blossoms with five or more petals are collectively called Yaezakura.

Incidentally, Yaezakura is written 八重桜 in Japanese.
Yae (八重) means “Overlapping eight or more.”.


Some varieties of yaezakura have more than 100 petals!
It is very voluminous.


Watch the Yaezakura cherry blossoms on video!

The other day, I saw Yae Sakura in full bloom.
I tried to make a video, so please have a look if you like.



Generally speaking, “Cherry tree(Sakura)” in Japan means “Someiyoshino”, but this Yaezakura is very beautiful, isn’t it?

Yaezakura can be seen after the Someiyoshino cherry blossoms have fallen, and every year when I see them, I feel that it is almost May.


When you come to Japan at the end of April, look for Yaezakura!



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