Grandma’s handmade Mochi is ready again this year.


Written by aki


My grandmother makes Mochi every year before the New Year.

They made another Mochi this year!
*What is Mochi? Check this article!

In modern times, Mochi machines make Mochi

In the past, Japanese used tools called Usu and Kine to make Mochi.


This is Usu and Kine.

Some may still use Usu and Kine to make Mochi, but my grandma makes Mochi with her Mochi machine.


When glutinous rice is added, the rice is steamed and the rice cake is automatically made.


When the Mochi is ready, Grandma rolls the hot Mochi with her hands.


It’s hot and it’s amazing. I can’t.

It is also delicious dipped in red bean paste or soybean flour, or with a slightly salty flavor such as green onion soy sauce or daikon soy sauce.


Freshly made Mochi is very soft and delicious.

By the way, my grandma’s Mochi has a little bit of rice grain left in it. The texture only handmade can provide!



Excess Mochi is dried like this and baked and eaten at a later date.


It is also eaten as ozouni in this way.

What is Ozouni? If you’re wondering, check out this article!

Every year the whole family gathers at grandma’s house for this homemade Mochi.
A taste that cannot be achieved with commercial Mochi. I hope to eat a lot of them this year!


Aki’s Kodawari Point


This year, I made oshiruko with my grandmother’s rice cake. It is a soup stock filled with red bean paste and mochi. Sweet and very happy!



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