7 Takoyaki Restaurants in Osaka


Written by aki


Takoyaki, with its cute ball-shaped appearance, is Osaka’s soul food. It is an Osaka food that tourists are sure to eat.

AKI’s friend lives in OSAKA, and I would like to introduce 7 recommended takoyaki restaurants chosen by my friend.


1.Osaka Tamade Aizuya

Osaka Tamade Aizuya

Aizuya is a famous restaurant that is said to be the birthplace of takoyaki.

There is no sauce on the takoyaki! This is because it is the original restaurant.

There is no sauce on the takoyaki! This is because it is the original restaurant.

They were founded in 1933. Takoyaki was originally a dish that was supposed to taste good even when it was cold, without getting your hands dirty. I would like to try this simple, umami-rich, juicy takoyaki.


2.Osaka Americamura Kouka-ryu

If you want sauce-flavored takoyaki, this is the place to go.

A collaboration of a fruity sauce with apples and onions and a special mayonnaise with reduced acidity.

In addition to the standard sauce mayo, there are many other popular menu items such as soy sauce mayo with a savory aroma, and negipon with plenty of green onions and light ponzu (Japanese citrus juice).
Try to find your favorite flavor.


3.Abeno Takoyaki Yamachan

Abeno Takoyaki Yamachan

This famous restaurant is located near Abeno Harukas.

The secret is in the dough!
They are proud of the dough, which is made by blending chicken stock and more than 10 kinds of fruits and vegetables simmered for 4 hours in a broth with Japanese soup stock made from kombu and bonito.

It can be eaten without anything on it, or with yuzu ponzu (citrus juice) or sauce.

It is a famous restaurant and quite crowded, but in that case, there is a second restaurant about 50 steps away.


4.Takoyaki jyu-hachi-ban

Takoyaki jyu-hachi-ban

The takoyaki is characterized by the generous amount of dregs covering the surface.

The crunchy and crispy texture of the takoyaki is more than ordinary takoyaki, and you can’t get enough of it!

The takoyaki at this restaurant are very creamy inside!

The takoyaki at this restaurant are very creamy inside!

According to the staff, it is a blend of dashi and milk, and it is amazing how well it brings out the characteristics of milk!
Crunchiness + trotters.


5.Tako-ya Dotonbori Kukuru

Takoya Dotonbori Kukuru's speciality is octopus. The plump texture of octopus that fills your mouth with its juicy texture!

Takoya Dotonbori Kukuru’s speciality is octopus. The plump texture of octopus that fills your mouth with its juicy texture!

You can enjoy a large takoyaki , 5 cm in diameter, filled with large pieces of octopus.

The special batter with aromatic and crunchy Kinzanji green onions, red ginger, and tenkasu is a perfect match for the large octopus. The final touch is to pour white wine over the dough, “Kukuru style,” to give the takoyaki a mellow taste and rich flavor!

With more than 50 stores throughout Japan, you may be able to find us outside of Osaka.




Takonotetsu is a restaurant where you cook and eat takoyaki yourself. Many customers are absorbed in making takoyaki every day.


They also pour the ingredients and dough themselves. Whether the finished takoyaki will be as good as the pros’ depends on your skill.


The most difficult part is flipping it over with a pick!
The staff will help those who are trying takoyaki for the first time, but since you are here, let’s try it at least once!


7.Dotonbori Akaoni Main Store

Lastly, a slightly different kind of takoyaki restaurant.

It is a restaurant where you can enjoy creative takoyaki. Shaved ice and cheese fondue are also available.

Dotonbori Akaoni Main Store

Korya-Korya is a summer-only takoyaki shaved ice.

According to the owner, it is an amazing Osaka-style dish that mixes “Osaka = takoyaki and summer = ice.
It is served with a thick, cold broth.

There are also cheese fondue-like items and takoyaki served with natural broth.


When you come to Osaka, try to find your favorite takoyaki restaurant.

Let me know if you guys find a Takoyaki restaurant that you recommend or that you enjoyed!



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