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Mysterious! Senbutsu caves(Thousand buddha Caves)


NEW There are several caves in Japan, and this time I visited the Senbutsu cave(千仏鍾乳洞:Literally translated, a stalactite cave of a thousand Buddhas) in Fukuoka in the Kyushu region! Th

Ankake Spaghetti

Food&Drink Regions of Japan

Must eat local food in Nagoya,Japan


NEW In Japan, there are many foods that can only be found in various regions. Among them, the city of Nagoya in Aichi Prefecture has a unique food culture, and lots of unusual food! In

bon odori

Japanese culture

What is Bon Odori(Bon dance)?


NEW “Bon Odori(盆踊り)” is one of the summer events in Japan. The literal translation is bon dance. Here are the origins and origins of Bon Odori!   What is Bon? Bon(盆) i

Katase Enoshima Station

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3 funny stations in Japan


There are various types of railroads in Japan, including surface trains, subways, and monorails. Currently, there are about 9024 stations in Japan. (2021 survey) Some of these stat


blog Japanese culture Seasons

Furin(wind bell)Festival in Kyoto,Japan.


In Japan, there is a custom of decorating wind charms, called Furin, in summer.   Furin is written “風鈴” in Kanji. 風 means wind and 鈴 means bell. Literally translat

blog Regions of Japan

Onigawara found in Arima Onsen


Arima Onsen is one of the most popular Onsen(hot springs) for foreign visitors. It is famous for its two types of Onsen, known as “kinsen” and “ginsensen.”

Nemuri-neko(Sleepy cat)

blog Regions of Japan

How to enjoy Nikko Toshogu Shrine


There are many shrines in Japan, but have you ever heard of Nikko Toshogu Shrine, one of the most beautifully decorated shrines in Japan? I was there the other day and here is my r

senko hanabi

Japanese culture Japanese Seasonings

Senko hanabi – a type of Japanese handheld fireworks


Do you know the fireworks called Senko hanabi? Senko hanabi is a type of Japanese handheld fireworks.It is the Japanese sparkler. Senko hanabi was born more than 200 years ago. Unl