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Baikamo – Small flowers blooming in Japan


NEW What is Baikamo? Baikamo is one of the water plants that bloom in Japan. In Kanji, it is written “梅花藻” . 梅 is plum, 花 is flower. 藻 is algae means. The name comes from i


Candle night Umeda Osaka


NEW When I left the office… candles all over town! This is a scene from an event called Candle Night in Umeda, Osaka. For about a kilometer, candles decorated the sidewalks and s

Onamae sticker


Very practical! Onamae Stickers(Name Stickers)


In Japan, various products are available for busy parents. There is a product called Onamae Stickers (Name Stickers), which is very popular in Japan.   Onamae means name in En

Japan's Rugby Town


Higashi-Osaka is Japan’s rugby town


Higashi-Osaka is a city located in Osaka, Japan. The city is also known as the “City of Rugby”.   Why is Higashiosaka City a rugby town? In 1929, the first rugby f

I had a delicious Mont Blanc at a hotel in Shiga!

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I had a delicious Mont Blanc at a hotel in Shiga!


Last time I was in Shiga, Japan, I had a delicious sweet treat at the Boston Plaza Kusatsu, a hotel in Shiga, Japan! The nearest station to the hotel is called Kusatsu Station. Kus

expo2025 Osaka,Kansai,Japan

Regions of Japan Sightseeing

Attractions of Osaka,Japan – Host site for Expo 2025


Do you know the place called “Osaka” in Japan? It is the second most popular tourist destination after Tokyo. What’s more, it’s been chosen to host the 2025


Food&Drink Japanese culture

Gohei-mochi, one of Japan’s local foods


Do you know the mochi called “Gohei-mochi”? It’s a food that appeared in the famous Japanese anime “Your Name.”, So if you like Japan, you may know it

OMO7 Osaka by Hoshino Resorts

Regions of Japan Sightseeing

Introducing the new hotel that opened in Osaka! “OMO7 Osaka” by Hoshino Resorts


Osaka Bob, a leading source of information about Osaka, Japan, has informed me that a new hotel has opened in Osaka! *Click here to visit the website operated by Osaka Bob. https:/