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Thrilling! Iya vine bridge in Tokushima


NEW When I heard that there is a very thrilling bridge in Japan, I went there right away! Iya in Tokushima  is full of nature! The name of the bridge is Iya vine bridge. (The Japanese

Minshuku is a small japanese guest house.


Experience the Japanese “Farmer’s Minshuku”!


NEW Japanese “Farmer’s Minshuku” offers an experience of an old Japanese dwelling. *Minshuku is accommodations with mainly Japanese-style guest rooms.   There ar

Japanese bamboo shoots

blog Living in Japan

I tried at harvesting bamboo shoots(Takenoko)!


NEW Bamboo shoots(Takenoko) is one of the most popular foods eaten in spring in Japan! It has a good texture and is a delicious food when stir-fried or deep-fried. I have been to a fri


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Kokedama is the Japanese art of moss arrangement


What is Kokedama? My hobby is to make kokedama. Do you know “Kokedama“? In Japan, koke means “moss” and dama means “ball”.   This is Kokeda

Kochikame seichi-junrei

blog Sightseeing Tokyo

[Seichi junrei]Kochi kame:Tokyo Beat Cops


I took a walk around Kameari Station, the setting of the very famous Japanese manga “Kochi kame: Tokyo Beat Cops”! JR Kameari station is full of photo spots, including

kyoto japanesetea shop

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Japanese tea shops in Kyoto that would make great souvenirs.


Kyoto is a very popular tourist destination. Walking along a shopping street in Kyoto, I found a store selling Japanese tea in a very cute package!   The shop is called “


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Kodomo no hi(Children’s day in Japn)


May 5 is a national holiday in Japan called Kodomo no hi(Children’s Day). As the name implies, it’s a day to celebrate a child growing up!   What do you do on Kodo

blog Seasons

I went to the nemophila park in Osaka.


In spring, you can see a variety of flowers all over Japan! I went to a park called Maishima in Osaka to see nemophila.   There’s a field of nemophila by the sea in Osak