Privacy Policy

【Key Policy】

Kousoku-offset Corporation operates “Kodawari Times” (hereinafter referred to as the “Site”). For safeguarding users’ personal data collected via the Site, we will conduct, maintain, and continuously improve our privacy practices in accordance with the following policies.

  • We recognize the importance of protecting personal information and are committed to compliance with all relevant privacy laws and regulations to acquire personal data from our users of the Site in a lawful and fair manner;
  • We will use personal information acquired by us solely for the intended purposes specified at the time of collection on a need-to-know basis and will not process personal information except as required to accomplish such purposes;
  • If we engage third parties to process personal data, such third parties will be thoroughly vetted, and applicable non-disclosure agreement will be concluded to supervise them in an appropriate manner;
  • Unless otherwise stipulated in laws, we will not provide personal information except with users’ express consent;
  • We will follow any and all privacy laws and regulations and other rules to safeguard users’ personal data; and
  • We will keep personal information strictly confidential, and take every reasonable security measure to prevent and remedy unauthorized disclosure, loss, or damage of personal information. Should any problem occur, we will promptly deal with such problem.


Before using this Site, we would like you to read this entire document.
By using this Site, your consent to our collection of your personal data and purposes of usage pursuant to this Policy and applicable privacy notice issued by each jurisdiction will be deemed given. If you do not consent to this Policy and applicable privacy notice, you must stop using this Site.
If you are a minor under 16 years of age, you must obtain your legal representative’s authorization, or give your consent with your legal representative’s authorization.

【Collected data】

We may collect personal data as set out below.

1. Data provided by users.

When users use the Services on the Site or make an enquiry to the Site, we may require users to submit the following data.

  • Name;
  • Address;
  • Sex, age, and nationality;
  • Phone number;
  • Email address; and
  • Other relevant data.

Unless otherwise stipulated in laws, the purposes of collection of such data include the following items, which are necessary for providing users with our Services.

  • Contacting users and replying to enquiries;
  • Sending information from the Site;
  • Conducting questionnaire surveys and applications for sale campaigns;
  • In addition to the foregoing, any purpose as specified for collecting data.

2. Automatically collected data.

When a user visit and view the Site, like other websites, via Google Analytics, the following data relating to the user’s access history and device used (“Access Data”) may be automatically collected using cookies and other identifiers.

  • IP address;
  • Type and version of the OS;
  • Type and version of the browser;
  • Webpages viewed by the user;
  • Last webpage visited right before, and the first webpage visited right after the applicable visit;
  • Searches conducted by the user;
  • Time spent on the Site;
  • Location information relating the terminal used.

The purposes of collection of such Access Data as identified above include the following items, which ensure our legitimate business interest.

  • Improvement of Services and development of new services based on Access Data analysis; and
  • Customizing User-friendly interface.

“Cookies” are files stored by the Site’s server on users’ device when accessing the Site. We will use cookies for those purposes. Users can block cookies by the browser’s setting. However, the use of the Site may be affected thereby.

3. Data collected by third parties.

Subject to users’ consent to third party SNS providers (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter), we may receive any Access Data that is collected and processed by such third parties in the course of using Google Analytics.
For data collected and processed by third parties, please consult the applicable privacy policy issued by such third parties.

【Provision to third parties】

Unless otherwise permitted by applicable laws and regulations or except with users’ consent, we will not provide to any third parties users’ personal data collected by us.

【Data transfer to a country outside the EU】

We may process and transfer personal data collected from users located in the EU to Japan and other regions outside the EU. The adequacy decision has been rendered to Japan, which provides adequate protection within the meaning of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Accordingly, no additional measures are needed; however, we will provide an adequate level of protection in transferring to any countries/regions to which an adequacy decision has not been rendered.

【User’s right】

For users’ personal data that is collected and processed by Kousoku-offset Corporation, users have the rights as set out below. In addition, users have the right to raise complaints to a data protection supervisory authority about our processing of collected data, where users’ residence or place of work is located, or if a violation of GDPR occurs.

  • Right to information
    Users have the right to acquire such information as they deem necessary in connection with the processing of personal data.
  • Right of access
    Users have the right to see if their personal data is processed, to access such personal data being processed, and to require us to provide users with a copy thereof.
  • Right of correction
    Users have the right to make corrections to and rectify their personal data that may be incorrect.
  • Right of deletion (‘right to be forgotten’)
    Users have the right to request erasure of their personal data without delay to the extent the requirements are met.
  • Right of restriction
    Users have the right to request restriction of the processing of their personal data to the extent the requirements are met.
  • Right to data portability
    Users have the right to receive the personal data concerning users in a structured, commonly used format and have the right to transmit those data to another controller from the controller to which the personal data have been provided.
  • Right of opposition of data processing
    Users have the right to suppress processing of the collected data to the extent the requirements are met.
  • Right regarding automated processing
    Users have the right not to be subject to processing or decisions based solely on automated processing, which may have legal effects on or adversely affect you. To avoid concern, we will not conduct any automated processing.


This Policy is applicable only when you use this Site. Any third-party website or services to which a link points may prescribe different privacy policies than that of this Site, and the Company will not in any way assume any obligation or responsibility for troubles regarding personal information which may occur in connection with such third-party website or the content thereof.

【Revision and effective date】

We will comply with any and all privacy laws, and international regulation including GDPR, and review our Privacy Policy from time to time for improvement. In case of revision to our Privacy Policy, the revised Privacy Policy will be deemed announced and become effective when the same has been updated.

【Enquiry Desk】

For questions or concerns about the processing of personal information by Kodawari Times, please contact:
Representative of Kousoku-offset Co., Ltd
Address: KOUSOKU horie Building, 2-5-24 Kitahorie,Nishi-ku,Osaka,5500014 JAPAN
Tel: +81-6-6556-6500