5 Foods to Eat on hinamatsuri


Written by aki

hina-matsuri food

In Japan, every year on March 3rd, there is an event called “Hinamatsuri“.


It is an event to celebrate the growth of a girl.

We decorate a doll called “Hina-ningyo” and enjoy a festive food.


The foods eaten on Hinamatsuri are all gorgeous and cute looking.

I’ll show you five typical Hinamatsuri foods!


1.Chirashi Sushi(Scattered Sushi)


Chirashi Sushi is a kind of sushi.
This is a gorgeous looking.


It is topped with prawns, eggs, lotus root and other auspicious ingredients.


Some people enjoy arranging Chirashi Sushi.

chirashi sushi

It’s like a cake!

It looks very colorful. very cute!


Nowadays, many families make Temari Susi, which is bite-sized and easy to eat.




2.Clam soup

hamaguri no osuimono

The clam is also a symbol of a good marriage because the two shells overlap perfectly.

Parents prepare cherrystone clam soup for Hinamatsuri hoping their daughter will come across a good partner.




3.Amazake(sweet half sake)


It is a sweet drink made by fermenting rice.


In the old days, people used to drink alcohol as a ritual to get rid of bad luck.

In modern times, “amazake (sweet sake) “with low alcohol content (less than 1%) is available so that children can also drink it.


By the way, amazake is supposed to be good for you!

It contains sugar, amino acids, and B vitamins.


4.Hina-arare(sweetened rice-flour cakes for offering at the Dolls’ Festival)


Sweet snacks.

The rice is roasted and sweetened with sugar and other ingredients.


There are four colors: white, green, peach, and yellow, each representing spring, summer, autumn, and winter in Japan!

It is said to have the meaning of “taking in the natural energy of each of the four seasons” and “wishing for happiness throughout the year”.



5.Hishi-mochi(diamond shaped mochi)


It is a rhombus-shaped sweet rice cake.

“Hishi” means diamond-shaped.


There are many theories about the three colors, but the general meaning is as follows.

Green = represents “grass” and means “health”.
White = “snow”, meaning “prosperity and longevity of descendants”.
Pink = “peach blossom”, which means “protection from evil”.


It’s a symbol of joy for the coming of spring, and a wish for a healthy child to grow up!



The sweets eaten during the Girls’ Festival are displayed along with the dolls!

Hina-arare and Hishimochi are displayed together when decorating dolls for the Hinamatsuri.

I had it on display in my house!

hina-arare in japan


and I also ate some hishimochi.

I also ate some hishimochi


What did you think of these cute Japanese events?

In Japan, there are many other events as well. Please take a look!

Japanese culuture


Oh yeah, if anyone has any experience with Japanese events, I’d love to hear your comments on my Facebook posts and such!




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